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LORI: Overall I think this challenge was awesome! I love macros and how I feel when I’m tracking them. It was hard seeing myself lose muscle with each scan and I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t be tracking that bc it was depressing. And I really missed having a cheat day!!!! In other macro groups I’ve been in, we had a cheat day. And I suppose I could have cheated anyday I wanted and fit it in, but I didn’t. Besides the birthday cake, I stuck to my goals!!! This last week I did the worst bc we had two things going on where I had dessert and a non healthy dinner. It messed up my protein, but I didn’t want to miss out bc of this diet. I’m stilk going to be mindful of everything but I’m eager to get back to normal life where I’m living healthy and not on a restrictive diet. Friday nights are date nights with my husband and I’ve missed eating Thai food and getting ice cream! 😂

MEGAN: Oh Aly! I feel like I owe so much to this challenge. For so long I’ve been floundering even though I know better. I signed up for the challenge for some accountability so I had an excuse to care about keeping myself healthy. I’m not new to the macro counting life, but I learned so much more during this challenge. I loved the mini-challenges of eating a rainbow and getting enough fiber. It helped me realize that my numbers are capable of being hit with real foods and that I don’t need to live on protein powder. I feel like my physical changes have been small, but for the first time in a long time, there have been changes! And that feels good. If I had been 100% consistent all the time I would probably look even better. So that’s my fault. But what I’ve really felt change is inside me. I’ve gained confidence I haven’t had since having my third baby. I feel so good working out now that I don’t care how I look, I just wanna go in each day and leave it all out on the floor. I finally feel like an athlete again. More than anything I feel like this challenge gave me my life back. I’ve made friends with the other people in the group and it’s just been so wonderful. I know I won’t win, and I’m ok with that. When I first started I signed up with the intention of winning. I don’t even care about that now. I gained so much more that I couldn’t be more satisfied. I can’t wait for your next challenge cause I wanna do it again! Going forward I am going to keep tracking my macros and eating Whole Foods but not for the intention of hoping to be skinny. I mean, that would be awesome, let’s be honest. But I love how confident I am and how good I feel. I don’t want that to stop. Thanks for giving me an outlet to find myself again. I have loved this and am sad it’s over. Thank you, thank you!!

JODY: So I am a skeptic! I wanted to see if counting macros truly would work for me and my body type. But first and foremost I wanted motivation for a change in Jared. So many things can go wrong in our bodies as we age, and the path that Jared and I were on was straight to an early grave. The amount of depression, anxiety, and self pity was getting over the top. We have goals in the gym, and to be honest I was cheating on all of them, then wondering why I wasn't able to reach my goals. So came the commitment to try counting macros. I wanted to see if I could gain less soreness, clarity of mind, and more energy. I was very scared at first. I don't have a whole lot of time in the day to figure out what I can and can not eat. Tracking food was a huge reason why I hadn't signed up in the past. I am really great at putting in what I eat for breakfast and on occasion for lunch or a snack, but then life happens and I would forget about the rest of the day. I quickly came to realize that I was stress eating when life hit me at 3:00 in the afternoon, and I would reach for whatever food I could find. Then I decided I would just "try" and eat a healthy dinner, but not record any of it. this was what was derailing my goals in the gym. I read an article about helpful hints to tracking macros. It said to decide first what I was going to eat before I got to my life at 3:00. So I made a goal to track my next day the night before while laying in bed with a full tummy. This really helped. I could tweak all my foods to get my percentages to line up. Then I knew that I had the right foods, and the right quantities. Tracking has helped me to be more conscious of food portions, varieties, and most important to me was flavors. I am a true believer in non-processed foods. Don't get me wrong I love processed foods, it just doesn't love me. I also am a believer in meat. Jared and I were both raised on farms eating foods that were home grown, and so delish! Processed foods at the store do not taste anything like home grown. I try and do all my preserving of those foods for my family to cut out all the chemicals they are eating. So for me tracking was a bit harder because I had to enter all those ingredients into MFP. At first it was a huge pain. I would search for whole foods over and over in the data base. In January the database went down several times because of overload, and it was so frustrating not being able to find what I needed. After time things were working again and after I built up my recipes and figured out portion sizes things got much easier. By tracking and measuing things out I came to realize I could eat things that we love as a family like spaghetti, and Mississipi pot roast. I also figured out that what I was eating in the past was good for me, but maybe not at that time, or in that portion size. I also came to realize that the amount of food I was consuming in the past really was not enough food to properly fuel my body. I really like how you took care of us during this challenge. You were there to answer questions, give me an extra scan to help me see that yes this really does work, and you gave us ideas all along the way. I loved the mini challenges. It helped to add things one at a time and not all at once. Nothing on the mini challenges was too difficult to incorporate and stick with through the remainder of the 8 weeks. I think knowing that I wasn't going to have to do it all right off helped me decide to join in. I LOVED the help from others in the group. I loved knowing that I was not alone at all in feelings or when I had questions. I loved getting to know others in the gym and being able to rely on them for support. I have made some pretty amazing friends. I think its awesome that we all go to different times at the gym, but when we do see each other its as if we are in the same class every day. I love the feeling of support I get in my own personal goals at the gym, and non judgement! That is so huge for me. I can walk into any class and there is nothing but love and support for me and other athletes right now in my moment. I think that the one thing I did not like is also the one thing that was the most helpful, TRACKING! One huge thing I did not like in the challenge is the feeling of needing to track all the time. This is the whole point of the challenge though. I will say that even my kids have approached me and said that the next road trip they will not be helping me track, and don't care if I am off on my percentages. So I will be happy that the weight of having to track EVERYTHING will be gone. And I can go to my son's game and not have to spend hours planning and measuring out food prior so I know what to eat. Although this was also a blessing during the whole challenge too. I liked food prepping and knowing just how much I should be eating. I really think I was eating so many empty calories before leading to my feelings of exhaustion. My most favorite thing that I have noticed is the fact that I am finally recovering faster from the workouts. I can RX several days in a row. I can do two workouts in a day and come back for more 8 hours later. I am sore, but not like I used to be. I know this is because of nutrition. I feel like all the food I put into my mouth is for my body to use, and not for my body to store, or be comforted by. A huge huge thing I have noticed is the lack of sickness in my house. I feel like it is the amount of fresh fruits and veggies we are consuming daily. My children eat what I buy, so they are eating what I am eating. Yes we have been sick, but the recovery time is so much faster, and it isn't lingering {knock on wood!} Because they are eating what I am eating I do need to mark all my foods I put into MFP as I enter it in, or I will need to do some re configuring at the last minute; minor inconvenience! I will continue to count my macros because I can see me inside my body now. It has taken me a very long time of self love and hard work to see her, but she is there. I will allow myself brakes when I go on road trips though. That was so stressful for me, and so hard for me to plan not knowing where we was going to be eating next. And a part of me feels like stress is not good on a road trip. Although by me going through that experience and knowing what I have made work in the past I can make split decisions on what to order and it will be close :) Depending on my scans tomorrow I still have some fat to loose. I know exactly where it resides on my body so the macro counting will continue and my hard work at the gym will continue. Thank you so much Aly for doing this challenge. It was a eye opener to me, and it really did help me in more than just nutrition. I am so proud of Jared and his hard work. I have told him several times I could see his body changing. He couldn't see it till the measurements. He looks AMAZING! Thank you for encouraging him and working around his crazy schedule. He truely wanted this to work for him. I think he will continue because he can see that his body is still loosing weight even when he travels. He was stuck in a pattern of working to loose while at home, and then gaining and backtracking while he was away. Now he has the tools to just loose and not be frustrated every time he gets back. Thank you is not enough for what you have given to my family! We love you Aly❤❤❤

DANIEL: Completing the Nutrition Challenge has been monumental. Not only did I accomplish my short-term body composition goals much quicker than I thought I could, I accomplished a "pie-in-the-sky not really sure if I could ever approach it but it would be nice" goal. I had been doing CrossFit for around 5 months before the challenge, and my body composition had certainly changed for the better, but it was gradual. The Challenge knocked off an extra 3% body fat off in only one month! Utilizing the macros Aly set for me also tremendously helped my workouts- not only did I improve upon my original fitness test by a full two minutes, but I saw myself rapidly rising in the daily leader boards compared to my very capable peers. I was already slowly on my way to getting competitive with them, but the results of the Challenge started to put me on top. Since our workout regimens were identical, I can only imagine that diet was the critical factor. Ultimately, the Challenge gave me the confidence I'd been waiting for to join the Competitors class. While I'm very new there and still at the bottom performance-wise, I'm able to complete the workouts and I'm often getting new PRs. Many thanks to Aly and the program she's put together to help me reach some amazing goals!

JESSICA: I signed up for this challenge to feel a change. I joined Rockwell (my first CrossFit experience) five months ago. I was seeing some changes in myself and body, but I wanted more. I wanted to feel stronger and healthier. My goal wasn’t too lose weight, but losing (or redistributing) fat would be welcomed. While I’ve achieved a big growth in strength, it’s hard for me too look in the mirror and see changes. Overall I feel healthier, so I should be happy. But the deprivation of treats and freedom to not think about or plan out food became absolutely exhausting. I’ve gotten a lot out of this challenge, but I think I need to go out and find my own balance. I’ve also enjoyed getting to know everyone better!

LYNDY: Tell me about it all. Why did you want to do this nutrition challenge in the first place? I wanted to do this for the support, accountability, and to recommit myself to my nutrition. While I have not had horrible habits lately, I have not been as focused about it. One of my challenges has always been doing it alone without support from my spouse. What were your expectations? I knew from the sugar challenge and from the past experiences of working with a health coach that the accountability would be very helpful. plus I knew reviewing more closely what and how I was eating would help. What did you appreciate learning and which habits were you most proud of changing during this challenge? I learned a lot from this challenge. I learned things that I did not expect at all to learn. Getting to know the group and all their support and suggestions is great. I am most proud about working on my mindful eating and being aware of what my body needs. through this challenge I had to speak to Aly several times and we have found that sometimes I need a balance of all 3 macros to help with my energy level. But the biggest thing I learned is actually how it has affected my mental strength. Having my dad almost die, flying out to California and dealing with that crisis without completely off the deep end with my nutrition and self care was amazing to see. I realized how strong I can be. I was able to focus on my mom and help her. I was able to recognize that I needed to stick to my healthy eating to help me handle the emotional stress. My sleep was definitely affected, but I did not feel completely defeated in my self care. I did have a day when I came back that fell apart, but it was easy to get back on track the next day. I have become more resilient mentally. I was telling Nik how I think fine tuning my nutrition has helped me focus on some mental goals I have for myself. I have even written them down in my journal and on index cards taped to my bathroom mirror. What things did you NOT like during the challenge? hated double unders as part of the fitness challenge. :). I kept forgetting to report on the mini challenges every day What are you nutrition and health goals going forward from here? What habits will you continue with?  mu goal is to keep tracking my macros. probably wont be as strict, but especially while training for my triathlon I need to make sure I am eating ENOUGH. I also need to fine tune both my diet and exercise to help continue my fat loss.

COLLEEN: I did this challenge to push myself with something I never have made a change with. Being a former college athlete I have always been able to push myself with workouts even if I’m not comfortable with them. Food has never been something I’ve tracked or made healthy changes with. I was scared s*itless when we started this that I would fail fully. What I learned the most is that you can eat and eat and eat and still be fully healthy. I’ve eaten more than I ever have before. The halfway point I chose to do the weigh in and was blown away with all the positive numbers I saw!!! Lost fat and gained muscle. My hard work was showing! This challenge has given me a confidence I haven’t seen in myself since college! I feel stronger and prouder than ever! Going forward I want to keep up with most of the habits making them second nature now.

MARY: I joined because I have never tracked macros or thought about my diet much. It was sometimes hard for me to remember to do is because it's new to me. I'm confident that I'll keep improving in this way. I want to get more out of my workouts and take care of my body long term. Sugar is one of my biggest problems and was a challenge the whole time. Water was my biggest success and has made a lasting difference in how I feel. Being at school and work for long hours has made it difficult. I've gotten much better at planning ahead that way.

JANE: Well, my initial reason was to lose weight, look great, and to pick up better eating habits and it has worked. But what surprised me, was that when I would do certain workouts, I could still keep up with women who were skinnier than me, or having been doing crossfit for years and I'm right up there. Because of that, it kept me motivated to keep coming to class, and working out kept me motivated to eat better, so I can continue to get gains in the workouts. I appreciated the text group even though I didn't participate as much, that's just because I didn't want to put myself out there, afraid of being judged. Even though I know they're all a great group of people and wouldn't do that to me I just felt some people got a little to personal with their feelings. The habit I am most proud of is saying "No" to bad foods and listening to my body, and being able to strategically come up with a "meal time plan". My issue before was eating at 1am or 2am or when food was offered to me, or when I would get sleepy, I would eat to stay awake at work. Now I have trained my body and mind with intermittent fasting and naturally my body has adjusted to the schedule fast for 16 hrs eat for 8 hrs. I love it and it works for me especially working in the evenings. I modified my diet a little and did Keto, and when I started doing that, I started to see faster results on the scale. Which I know it's not all about the scale, but sometimes it helps me see that I am making progress with some weight loss. I really didn't have any thing negative to say about the challenge, it was all good and it kept me moving more, I even park far away from the building so I can walk into the grocery store, or into work. I never did that before. My family has also seen the meals that I made for myself and now we're all eating more greens, salads, fruits. My husband and two boys have even started crossfit because they've seen how much I enjoy it. My habits going forward, is to keep going and get my family on a better eating schedule and have us all eat less starches, natural sugars (fruit), more greens and just improve in our overall life. I still have 118.7 lbs to lose, and I am hoping to get stronger and improve on the metcons.

JARED: My thoughts on this macro challenge.

Were do I begin? Let’s start about the beginning. I really
didn’t have much thought or expectations on this
challenge. Jody decided to do it so ....I’m like hey why
not. Let's see how it goes. I’ve been doing crossfit for
almost a year and a half. In that time cross fit has made
me a stronger person. I realized how far I have came
since my first day. But I haven’t lost any weight. Not
really caring how much I weigh but how I look.

After starting this challenge I had some fears.
The biggest one is that I travel a lot for my work. I had
anxiety on how am I going to do this. I wanted do this
honestly to give it a chance.

Second challenge I had was sooo much food to eat. It
was really too much. Then you scaled my calories. Which
seemed to be perfect. Even though I stuck with the lower
calorie count the whole time. Even when I worked out.
Not once have I felt starved. It just felt right.


This challenge was not easy. Some of the weekly mini
challenges I couldn’t do. The 8hr sleep I didn’t do just
because with my busy family schedule I’d be lucky to get
6 hrs of sleep. There was a couple others I wasn’t able to
do. And I was ok with that.

I became OCD about hitting my percentages. I felt like it
was a game to get my food and quantities to work. I’ve
started eating more foods I’d normally wouldn’t eat. For
examples. Bean and green beans I hate. But because it fit
in my macros I ate them. They weren't too bad. Lol. I did
whatever it took to hit my numbers. There was times it
sucked. You have to plan your meals in advance for this
to work for me. And when there was a problem where it
through my macro counts off I would freak out.

Example. If I had a salad for my meal and someone ate all
the salad and there was no more and I had to replace it.
I would freak out. Because 1 little thing missing has a
huge ripple affect. But in the end it always worked out.
Midway through the challenge I got rescanned. This was
the moments I realized that this macro thing works. That
I can eat carbs and fats and still loose weight. Ever since I
was told I'm a type 2 diabetic I avoided carbs as much as
I could. I missed them. But with this challenge I was able
to enjoy them again. And a lot of them. Lol.

The most important thing I’ve learned is the friendship
and support this challenge gave me. I’m really grateful to
my wife Jody. I’m soo glad I did this with her. She is my
rock and love.

I will continue to track my macros. Even if I don’t see my
progress other people are noticing. And to be honest it
feels great. In the end I want to be healthier so I can live
longer for my family. To be there when they grow and
have their own lives. Because there's nothing more
important than family and God.

Aly I want to personally thank you for everything you've
done for me. You've been a great friend, motivator,
coach and a amazing person to me and Jody.

So thank you so much.

Well this is the end of my report.
Rockwell family is the best.
Jared Dahlke

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