I am Food Rebel. My name is Aly and I'm a certified Nutrition Coach, passionate about health, nutrition, and happiness. I'm here here to help you lose weight, identify food triggers, and improve nutrition through coaching and counseling.

With my professional grade body composition scanner, I can show you what's really happening in your body and health. Sometimes we don't know why we aren't losing pounds they way we want. Or maybe we are expecting to weigh an amount that isn't healthy for our frame. With the scanner, we can track your muscle mass and fat mass. We work to maintain that precious lean tissue while shedding your unwanted fat. We also track your progress with measurements and photos.

I've recently teamed up with a licensed counselor and social worker to develop incredible worksheets to help us address the mental and emotional barriers that may have been holding you back. We will also work through goal setting to make sure you're on a long-term path to personalized health, both physically and emotionally.

I will show you how to rebel against misconceptions, cravings and imbalances with food. I want to get you on track to better health, life and happiness. I can't wait to give you a clear picture of your health and goals. Let's do this! 


MEGAN - 2019

I love how confident I am and how good

I feel. Thanks for giving me an outlet to find myself again.

Thank you, thank you!!

COLLEEN - 2019

This  has given me a confidence I haven’t seen in myself since college!

I feel stronger and prouder than ever!

ANGIE - 2019

My kids have now seen my healthier choices and they are following me in wanting to make healthier choices too.

Personalized Nutrition Coaching

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